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Thursday, April 23, 2009 4:32 PM
its a GOLD!

omg i think im some sort of water tap -.- weijia's previous post made me teared again o.o

BUT this time, the tears werent cos of disappointement. but more of cos i felt strongly for what she have said!GO READ!

and also our senior, Huishi (whom i dunno who. oops!)'s tag. many years down the road, what we r gonna remember r the memories we have with each other. The results r just a moment a glory.

Of and also, i personally feel that crying is perfectly alright. what's important is picking yourself up. One perfect example is of cos, me, the water tap. HAHA i seriously seriously can tear easily. almost teared during PC lesson while my frens came up to share about who they wanna thank and apologise to. dats kinda dumb but ya.. cry all you want but stand up after that :D

oh by the way..calling to people who have lotsa pictures of us while preparing and putting on make up for SYF, pls send to me and im gonna collate and do selective posting! (:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 9:37 PM
To my dear juniors, its inevitable to feel sad, as you all have relly worked very hard for the SYF. However, it's the effort and the process that relly counts. What you've learnt, how you've matured within this past year is the most important thing of all.

10, 50 years down the road, people probably will not be able to remember what DHSCS Wudao got for SYF in 2009. However, the lessons learnt and hardships shared will not be forgotten by any of you.

I'm proud to see that many of you have improved relly alot within the past year, both expression-wise and ganqing-wise. It's relly heartening to see wudao improve in leaps and bounds. Your hardwork has shone through, and it has made all of you all better dancers. You all have the people around you, and yourself to thank. Don't feel sad, feel proud of yourself. Even with all the gruelling training, yall didn't give up, and that is relly something to be proud of.

Doing your best on-stage is enough. At least you know that you've done yourself proud, you've done CS proud, you've done the school proud. Even if the "Gold" doesn't come "with honours", it doesn't matter. At least, all of you didn't leave the stage with regrets, and reflect on how you could've worked harder, could've practiced more, could've stretched harder. You have done your best, and essentially, that is all that matters.

SYF does not reflect on the capability of the wudao group. It does not reflect the hardwork, sweat, and toil that are behind the scenes. It does not reflect the attitude and the closeness of the group. SYF is not a proper gauge of your abilities. Even if other schools may get gwh, they may not have the family-like closeness of DHSCS Wudao. They may not have put in as much hardwork, or have had as much dedication.

You must remember that although the performance and competition is important, it is not all there is to dance. To dance, to express. Rejoice in the fact that SYF has brought all of you closer together, and given all of you the opportunity to laugh, cry, sweat and toil together. Be grateful for this opportunity you have been given.

Do remember the experiences that you have had, and don't forget them. Experiences like these don't come twice. SYF was a milestone that all of you have crossed together, as wudao. Treasure these times together, and treasure all the bonds that have been formed. This is the most important thing of all to remember. No matter what you girls have gotten, you deserved it and more. In all our hearts, we will remember that DHSCS Wudao, is a group worthy of gold with honours, and probably even more.
Monday, April 20, 2009 8:08 PM

Hey dears, after working so hard for so long, SYF is over! haha someone actually said a 7 min dance was like a 1 min thing! GOOD JOB BEANS! So proud of all of you! believe many of you were really touched when we finally ended the dance and even cried! No matter what the end result is, we know we've all already done our best! We never GOU CHOU! YAY! And pipa and rest of the people well done! This could not be accomplished without everyone working together. I know I've been pushing you all real hard all these while. Sorry for being mean and scolding you all most of the time. I know I really got some attitude problem and am really harsh on you all. haha. SORRY! Many things I wanna say, many people I wanna thank and lastly, of course every single one of you, plus the helpers, Jia Yu, Si Qi, Meng Wei, Kai Meng, and Tian Li. Of course the teachers! Be it teacher in charge or dance instructors, Cherise and Michelle for doing lighting! All these would not have happened with the absence of anyone of the above.Hope we've really bonded all these while. The upcoming events will be SPEECH DAY and QING CHUN! after that the new leaders will step up soon. Gonna miss you kids! Thanks for being such a wonderful bunch of people and RESULTS COMING OUT ON WED! haha! JIA YOU EVERYONE! WE CAN DO IT!

Sunday, April 19, 2009 3:45 PM

BEANNIES! haha one more day! JIA YOU EVERYONE! Calm yourselves down, close your eyes and count to ten. Once you are on stage, you must perform to the best of your ability. Dance like no one's watching, dance like there's no tomorrow, DANCE LIKE IT'S THE LAST TIME YOU WILL EVER BE PERFORMING! We know we can do it. Don't let fear get the better of us. We can be nervous, but we must have something called the DANCERS COMPOSURE, performing at our peak even if we are feeling nervous. REMEMBER? PEAK AT THE RIGHT TIME:D

TOMORROW'S THE TIME! Stay cool, calm, remember our 表情,眼神,三道湾。( Is it written like this? ) haha. Remember the times we fell, we cried, we smiled, we failed, we were corrected, all these just for the 7 minutes. We'll not have any regrets! JUST DO YOUR BEST!

Someone once told me, why do dancers feel afraid? What's there to be afraid of? Being afraid just proves that there is insufficient practice. Well, I disagreed initially but look further, all these DO make sense. We have worked so hard, countless number of practices! There's nothing to be afraid of, Wang Lao Shi, Serene Jie Jie, Zheng Lao Shi, everyone will be there with us. The people who've given us much strength and support all these time, the only way we can repay them is by showing them our sincerity, that we will perform this dance to the best of our abilities! WE CAN DO IT!

Thursday, April 16, 2009 10:38 PM
4 Days:)

Hey peeps, it's 4 days left to SYF le. Many things have been said, be it words of encouragement or actions to be corrected. Seeing all the other groups get their results, I believe everyone is really nervous now. Just wanna tell you girls, we have come so far, have gained the support of many, Wang Lao Shi, Serene Jie Jie, Zheng Lao Shi, seniors and Lu Lao Shis.. We're left with four days, but it's never too late to think about stuff and amend it before we regret. I hope we shine on stage, give our best and come down with smiles on our faces. I know we can do it, and I believe in every single one of you. Many are rooting for us, because they too, believe in us. Now, the most important thing is believing in yourselves. I hope 4 days from now, will be our BEST dun huang meng huan ever, BEST SMILES, BEST PERFORMANCE and only laughters, no cries. We must not let those who have helped us in one way or another down. In these 4 days, it's gonna be tough, hang on, we're all in this together! I BELIEVE IN YOU ALL, HOPE YOU ALL BELIEVE IN YOURSELVES TOO! GO DHS WUDAO!
Tuesday, April 14, 2009 9:51 PM
to my dearest juniors,

i don't think i need to remind you guys how fast your syf is coming! it is evident that you guys have put in ALOT of effort and hard work, because i see the RESULTS. The actions, the poses, the feel, the smile... especially the smile! i can tell the sincerity of the smile from your eyes (so be sincere lol). however i am most glad with the ATTITUDE that you all have now, for the sake of SYF. Bearing with the tough practices, helping out each other, encouraging each other... there's the sweat, and there's the tears for some of you. but you have been strong. I am sure the process of practising for SYF have made you all bonded much much more.

many of yall seems to be unconfident of how you all do for feitian (i dont like to call it dunhuang haha), or how feitian is like overall. don't be! i enjoy your feitian very much. as an audience i feel... 'wow'. it is visually appealing needless to say, but when all of you are so into the dance, it is a different, an even better, feeling. i m very proud of what all of you have achieved. in my heart, feitian is GOLD WITH HONOURS >.< this is really how i feel, not just a statement to boost morale (of course i hope it boost morale too hee XD)

don't really know how to help, but i guess i can give some advice...
  • when in group, focus on synchronization (as i learnt in senior high dance). be conscious of the person in the front of your view. even when she is too fast/too slow, just follow.
  • during the actual judging performance, carry out your dance steps as you normally do during practices. if you decide to change some steps, it may affect OTHER dancers. for example, you may cut into their position or bang into them.
  • for the chou people, i will pray and pray for you guys not to t***** your chou that day! >.<>
    to everyone, rest well for the big day!!!

    we (yr 5s) may not be able to accompany you guys to UCC during the actual day (zheng laoshi dont want give us leave form!) but we will be morally supporting you guys =] definitely.

    lots and lots of love (that i don't know how to give?),
    NINGLI =]
  • 9:04 PM
    heyhey pple. have u heard about my love story? HAHAHA! huangching and rachel lim noes bout all that had happened *gives shy look* anw dats beside my main reason for posting here today.

    just in case u all dunno..


    jiayou people.

    what makes wudao special is that we share a common goal.
    what makes us even more special, is that we all strive towards that common goal.

    this 6 days, we must not slacken down

    we must "peak at the right time"(:
    Monday, April 06, 2009 1:04 AM
    14 Days to SYF

    Hey 豆豆们(BEANNIES),today was 试台at UCC! Hope you all really enjoyed the big and spacious stage! HAHA(: Cause I loved it! It's like 1. 10am haha and I dunno what I'm doing here. But just wanna tell you all that well done and good job! 14 Days, two weeks left. All the times we cried, laugh, crazy-ied like YU XUAN( HAHA ) is all for this big day! Continue to jia you, even if there is little improvement, it's ok. At least we know we've improved. Even if we unfortunately don't get what we have aimed for, it's ok, as long as we know we've put in our best. So, to not leave regrets behind, everyone JIA YOU JIA YOU JIAYOU! Haha I know why I'm here le. Cause some people say the tagboard more active than the posts lo. haha and yu xuan suggested posting that she is crazy, so to Yu Xuan:

    Friday, April 03, 2009 10:58 PM

    17 more days to SYF

    anw here's a reminder for sunday's rehearsal
    - meet in sch at 7.45am with ur cool leotards alr on :D
    -student pass
    -clean dance shoes
    -love for ur zuzhangs