dance 舞 ♥

Friday, October 31, 2008 11:54 PM

Hello BEANS:D It has only been the first week of hols, but our practices are still on going. I know everyone has worked very hard this week and I feel very glad as I have seen a great improvement in everyone, be in in Jibengong or in Dance. Everyone is really aching in every single muscle of their body and it is a good sign, that everyone is working hard during practices. SYF's next year, I believe everyone feels the stress and is working very hard. I'm very happy to see everyone improving and I really hope we will continue to work hard to maintain this. Be it in response or in working hard for jibengong, I believe there is much room for improvement. EVERYONE JIA YOU! I'm really proud of all of you and thank all of you for working so hard and cooperating all these while! I'm really very touched. KEEP IT UP! Just a reminder, those who haven't paid dance fund, remember to pay your one dollar to Clarissa asap. Lastly, everyone must GOGOGO! ALL THE BEST for next year's SYF:D GWH:D