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Sunday, August 03, 2008 8:34 PM
Performance at RI:D

Hello all lovers of dance! Sorry for posting this so late! But just wanna tell you girls, WELL DONE for the RI performance. Really glad we proved what we can do and most impostantly, gained recognition from guest-of-honour etc. You girls were really great! Maybe saying alone doesn't mean anything, pictures below will show all! A BIG THANKS to Zheng Lao shi for bringing us around and taking nice pictures. A BIG THANKS to Wang Lao Shi and Serene Jie Jie also. Yups, for all their time and effort in teaching us the dance.And not to forget Lu Lao Shi yup and many many more people. Also we have those who performed for the Temasek Sec racial harmony performance, WELL DONE! We have come so far. Everyone must jia you okay? Next year's SYF, I know we can do it! JIA YOU JIA YOU! GOGOGO:D

YAY really proud of you girls. Especially the year ones and it's their first dance:D WELL DONE, to the year 2s and 3s too:D