dance 舞 ♥

Sunday, June 29, 2008 10:54 PM
hey dancers!!
here are pictures from my camera, sorry for the late upload lol! hope this doesn't lag your com.
and good luck dancers for wudao!! jiayou wudao comm :D


sec2s again hahaha

sec 3s

suiying,pearl,rachel :D

yx,clari,me,hc,tw :D

me,rach,cheryl,sy,nl,pearl,hc,wj,joyce (:

sec2s perfect jump shot!

OMGZXZX. ZINA SO SHUAI!!! HAHA(check out pearl acting cute xD)


i bet hundred bucks zina tan xui qi is gonna murder me the moment she sees this HAHA

nice right! guess which pro did it:D:D

happy belated 16 bday ningli!!!!!!

may we be friends for life:D
come on ppl, admit it, the pictures i edited are nice. HAHAHAHA. jus kidding.


jiayou dancers!!!



Tuesday, June 24, 2008 11:37 PM
First practice:D

YAY.There's pactice this Friday. Please NOTE! Friday practice for Teacher's Day Dance by Liang Lao Shi. Not doing fei tian. Please be in the hall by 2.30 pm. Secondly, we'll be performing in some Asean conference on 15 July. We'll be doing fei tian. Anyways, there will be a FULL-DRESS REHEARSAL this saturday at RI at 8.30am.EVERYONE please be in the school foyer by 7.30 am SHARP. hoho. and transport will be provided so don't worry bout it. As for costumes, EVERYONE, please return all your costumes that have not been returned esp for feitian head stuff. We've got some missing. YUPS:D And Rhapsody of Spring video is out! YAY. Who wanna buy? Please tell Joyce or Clarissa by this friday okay? THANKS A LOT and JIA YOU BEANNIES:D Make feitian good okay?

Sunday, June 22, 2008 9:02 PM
oops! tmr no wudao. haha but dere will be wudao on friday as usual. will pass down msg on either wed or thurs :D
Sunday, June 15, 2008 10:23 PM
SURPRISE!!! lolol first time posting here! guess who? :D
okay..i'm tongwei-.-


anw here's some good news for DANCE LOVERS =D

when sch reopens, and on monday, dere will be feitian prac with wang lao shi(:
we will be performing feitian for some conference thing on July 15. pls try to remember ur steps! :D

on friday, we will be learning a new dance from liang lao shi for teachers' day! :] It will be very very fun!

So people, dun be late for both pracs. more information will be passed down. btw joyce and me wont be in singapore from today till sat so leave ur queries on sunday xD