dance 舞 ♥

Friday, November 17, 2006 9:18 PM
it was exactly one month ago tat we last posted an entry.
sories this shall be PICTURE-LESS. haha.

we're gna shift campus to mt sinai nxt yr.
omg how inconvenient and evrything wud be rahh.
well i do hope we'd hve lotsa fun there.
and tat includes lotsa dance practices,
fer syf, qingchun and other sch pfms.

we'd be holding our vehh first huodong.
WENYIYING at mt sinai on the second day too.
hopefully we'd get used to tat area eh (:

so how's evryone's wenyiying camp prep getting along?
lets gve it all. alrite!
and fer the sec3s.
it might be our last wenyiying le.
so JIAYOU evryone =)

*welcomes SHUNYING baq!!