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Tuesday, October 17, 2006 12:15 AM
this is the 80th post!!

hahaha 8 is an auspicious number! 8 x 10 = 80! which means that from this day on, wudao will be 10 times luckier than it is now! lalala let's all be superstitious people, so trust me lah ok (: wudao will continue to prosper (: hehehe!

sorry i'm quite high now. too much singing and dancing of FIR's 'get high' -.-

please click here for the gala dinner photos! (: credits to ME ME ME ME ME ME!! hahaha i'm a smelly prune. (chou mei)

Sunday, October 15, 2006 10:55 PM
pardon me.
i took an entire aftnn to post these on my blog.
shall jst copy evrything here (:

on my account yeah enjoy!
thks pple.
u all did reali great ytd (:
im proud of all of u.
but lets cont' and jiayou fer wudao alrite!

thks fer the cooperation!

i didnt take much photos ytd.
due to the limited space in my fone.
or isit considered alot oreadi?

i went fer tuition in the morning.
i cabbed there. coz i was late.
then in the end thong ony came in half an hr ltr -.-
aft tat i cabbed to sch agn.
and its costs me $10.20
i was the last to reach.

reached suntec.
we went to the ballroom =)

the sch has brought the whole heritage corner frem sch to suntec -.-

zina and xinyan trying to catch up wif me. but theyre the fast ones. see the lag ones behind?

we used the room 203. we shared tat waiting room wif scouts. choir. and sc.

i forgot who was toking then. isit lu lao shi(s)?

we went fer shi4 tai2. then lunching time!
haha somethings happen yeah?
so we went to the foodcourt in the end.
i went to the chicken rice stall and ordered dinner fer our dancers.
nvm its longwinded i shant blog abt it (:

then we came baq. and prepared ourselves fer the rehearsal.
so we changed and hve our hair tied up nicely.

liang lao shi helping me wif the tying of my hair. lol i look fierce mah?

my daughter ZINA and her mama YUNTONG! (:

me helping ningli comb her hair. haha so candid!

this one i got stop and smile at camera okies. then i wonder wad ningli is looking at 0.o

weijia and her ahgong (:

the plaited hair by joylynn. she's pro. i cant plait neatly sadly.

tats my completed tou2 shi4 (back)

and this too. (front)

my earrings (:

and wad i did to it on photoshop ):

tong n shunzi!

my dear xinyan.

haha two of my sec1 juniors (:
huangching. yuntong. tongwei.

my successor fer drawing eyeshadow (: gaohui!

me and liuchang.

me, yanmi, gaohui and wenjie.

briefing by lu lao shi and liang lao shi on the pfm ltr. (girls)

now the boys.

haha madeup (:

this lion is cute can!!

yuntong and dora!! (:

then shunyin. zina. mingwei and i went out.
yes im sure u din see rongly.
we wore our costumes.
wif makeup on and evrything and tada!
we went baq to the foodcourt's chicken rice stall.
sure enuff theres pple walking ard suntec.
i find it fun unoe.
haha! coz we're lyk sum aliens walking in suntec -.-

mingwei, zina, tong, shunying. see all the packets of chicken rice? and mac. i bought fries and nuggets yummy!

i wanted to take photo wif FISHES!! nice rite (:

cute fzz of dance.

haha on the escalator!

finally came baq to the ballroom.
saw jiahui and quickly (actuali i took quite long) snapped a photo wif her.
u see. she dun usuali take photos de

chng n lew.

dun i look xing4 fu2 wif eva? (:

black lover vs green lover! (:

my many many many years friend (:

W stands fer WUDAO!

meixian and her beloved daughter ningli.

me and ningli!

yan yan and tong tong.

my granddaughter.

alrite. this is one of my nicest pose le (:

chengmeng helped to take a video of our dance during rehearsal.
try spotting me? =P


okies. now i shall post more photos!
credits to dora fer the following photos!
(oh photos are kinda jumbled up. so i shall categorise them?)

dora n tong (:

we're behind bars!


we love mrs wong!

sec3s (:

cosplay (met them outside our ballroom):

during rehearsals:

actual performance:

im at the most most most right of this photo.


i took this photo. damn cute!

i din noe dora took my photo when i was eating my char kway teow.

pretty eh!

lets play a game. SPOT THE DIFFERENCE!

lol spotted the diff?

huangching. tongwei. yuntong. yah us agn (:

the 3 generations! young. middle. old ): HAHA!

see tat zina so greedy. fingers oily wif fries oreadi stiu wna hold on to so many pckts of chicken rice -.-

wudao wif liang!! (blur)

this is clearer (:

my favourite (:

joanna, liuchang, mingwei, yuntong.

wudao comm!! (: