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Saturday, July 15, 2006 12:52 AM
hello...*yawn* =)
haha, anyway tml openhse! mus attract lots n lots of jnr cum parents! heehee...

xiangqing pp: tml go audi at 8am to prac, den go cluster training rm aftr dat to prepare. rmb to bring jin3 shen1 yi1 if u haf nt handed in, oderwise...*winks*
oso jin3 shen1 ku4.

nx mon:
deres huodong, most likely 2pm in the hall. i believe yuntong will update u all again, rite yt? =)
nx tues:
dere will be xiangqing performance at temasec in the morn, so we'll be excused from lessons

*Winning is not everything-but making the effort to win is*
-Vince Lombardi
i agree! dont u? =)

PS: the new contact list will take effect from today onwards