dance 舞 ♥

Friday, July 21, 2006 10:59 PM
hallo. nx mon wudao at 2.3opm in the hall. those in shufa mus go for shufa first. dun pon hor, gd girls n boys =} we'll be taking measurements for our syf costume, so mus cum!

reminder: bring xiangqing costume on mon if u havent returned. thx.

well. today we had abit of temporary syf pai2wei4 cum bollywood dance 'selection'. dun qi4 nei3 if teacher hasnt chosen u, she is trying her best to make everyone involved...we dun wan any pp left out, bt its becos of limited no. of costumes. and it's oso difficult 4 tcher to choose...we shld stil remain enthu in wudao n work for the sake of wudao as a whole grp...

jus some random quote here to brighten up ur day =) :

*Dancing is like dreaming with your feet*

so dance from your heart and in your unique style, dance with passion! =)