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Tuesday, May 31, 2005 5:14 PM
whheehee!. u know wad? i think im gonna update the dance blog more dan me updating my own blog lorr hahas.

me and jeanine went to pack the huisuo today. cos the huisuo is in a erm.. horrendous state. ya. so we went to pack huisuo with the help of MAOYANPENG and likun. hahas. nice wudao fuzuzhang. seriously. hahas. yeps. we packed from 12-4 .. threw away tons of things. me and jeanine are currently feeling very accomplished. lalalas. must go see the huisuo kaes? lalalals

ok. this are the details for the holidays practice
wudao on 22nd and 23rd june.
those who are not in singapore or cannot come for practice must inform me before hand
those who still owe money for shoes or pants MUST pay
those who havent return costumes MUST return. [dawuer and zhaoyang]
thank you for ur cooperation. =)
Saturday, May 28, 2005 3:02 PM
the new zuzhang
heyas! so fast the sec 4s xie ren le. time passes so fast. somehow i still prefer the days whereby there are many seniors to take care of me. im now at a lost. having to take care of some many pple . i dunno wad to do. but of cos. i will do my very best to lead wudao to a greater height de. just shangren, everything is lyk in a mess.. im at a lost. heys dancers. we must jiayou together kaes? if i do anything wrong must remind me horr. we'll all work together!. me and the fu zuzhangs seek coorperation from u all kaes? esp must listen to maoyangpeng. and i hope nxt year is qingchun again!!. =)

to the sec 4s.! we love u guys!X)

love, jiamin
2:00 PM
Hey, Evergreen here!
This is my first entry here and now I am not the fuzuzhang any more~~ But I will miss u all and those days we spent togetber~~
Still remember the day I was announced to be FUZUZHANG, I was really suprised and a bit scared.. I dare not lead the group but hid behind others instead for the first and second month after we SHANGREN..Yifang and Yihui always encouraged me to take the responsibilities and be confident..That makes me stand out little by little..and today, i can mix well with so many dancers and discuss dance with them..That's my great improvement and I am really proud of that..One year has passed since we got into our there is a new batch of young leaders standing out..They may face some difficulties at the start, but I believe that they can do a good job, even better than us, rite? All of u in dance pls cooperate with them and help them to make wudaozu better..I have learnt a lot from dance, not only the skills, but also the importance of unity and cooperation..We have xieren today and I don't if I would join dance in JC..Whatever, I will never forget the experience in wudao for these two years in CS, Dunman Migh..the beautiful memories will last forever..Everyone, JIA YOU AH!!! :-)

- chang qing
Friday, May 27, 2005 7:47 PM
my last entry as a zuzhang... :]

hope you like this new skin.. took a long time to search for it...

aniwae.. this will be my last entry as a zuzhang... perhaps next time i will drop an entry when i'm free.. yar..(provided the passwords and username is still the same..) :)

hmm.. just wana jot down how i feel now...

hey... i'm feeling quite happy and relieve now wor~~! :D hahahah... coz i finally xie ren le!! (kk.. soon...) woo~~ feel like i finally have completed my work and i have a great sense of achivement...!! :)

kk.. i wana thank everyone for their hard work and sacrifice for dance for the pass one year... thank you~~ =hugz= and i apologise for my mistakes which i had made along the way.. sorry for any inconvenience caused... dui-bu-qi--- =bow=

to sec3s: if you don't get the post which you had asked for, that's because we trust that you are capable of what is given to you now.. have confidence in yourself, treasure your one year ahead.. it's really going to be a great journey and the best year of your secondary life.... however, if you don't get ani post, it's not because we don't believe in you but we feel that you are better at playing an assisting role... so don't give up, keep on contributing to dance and treasure your last year~~!! :)) jia you !!

to sec2s: heyz... you are the batch that really touches my heart... i can really see a GREAT improvement in ALL of you.. keep up the good work!! thank you for supporting wudao and not to forget to spread your unity to others too!! :)) Sec2s, jia you for next SYF-- remember to bring GwHS to CS and DANCE!! yes, you can do it de!! i see the hope in each and everyone of you!! :))

to sec1s: though all of you joined wudao for only 5 months, but you can really mix well with us. but hey, dancing isn't just about movements, it's about discpline, passion, feeling etc. so when it's time to get serious, you must be serious and not giggling around.. kk? ;) jia you sec1s!!

now.. we leave the stage to all of you.. i strongly believe that all of you can do much better than us... jia you~~!! :)

please listen to wanglaoshi... she's really a FANTASTIC teacher... all of you are responsible of taking good care of her health...
please take good care of yourself... NEVER think that you are fat coz you are not!! taking good care of yourself is actually another way to contribute to wudao coz laoshi no need to have unnecessary worries.... so eat more... :)
guys(i mean the boys).. please coorperate during practices.. if you are serious enough, i'm sure you can do much better than now... ;)
da jia must listen to the new wudao zuzhang and fuzuzhang kk? show some respct and be nice to them and always help them!!:))

kk.. i'm becoming more and more naggy... o.O*
kk.. just one last thing..

DON'T FORGET US!!! =hugz=

dajia.. jia you wor~~!!

* though we are leaving, but our hearts will always be with ya!!! *

yifang :)
Sunday, May 15, 2005 8:16 AM
the namelist...

these are the people who bought the SYF DVD:

individual (1 piece):

1.Zhi Dong
2.Yi Fang
3.Woon Loong
4.Chang Qing
5.Yi Hui
6.Yan Ling
7.Yue MEi
8.Qiu Chen
9.Qin Geng
10.Zina Tan Xiu Qi
11.Ning Li
12.Han Zi

sets (share 4 pieces):

Foo Wei Ting
Liu Chi Yu
Yang Xin Yan
Qian Wei
Wai Bin
Jia Min
Cheng Meng

Those who had paid me $15:
1.Wai Bin
2.Yi Hui
3.Wei Ting
4.Jia Min
6.Cheng Meng
8.Woon Loong
9.Han Zi
10.Yan Ling
11.Shen Qiu Cheng
12.Zhi Dong

Those who have not paid me, please hand in your $$ latest by wednesday~~!! thank you!!

i am working on the scrapebook now.
Sec2s, you all have not given me the message~~!!!!! please give me by tomorrow morning, kk? if i'm not in class, just leave your notes on my table.. thank you..

yuntong, i need the photos... can send me asap.. thankyou~~!! :))

* HUI FEi must give to chang qing by tomorrow.. it's urget~~!! *

da jia jia you for qinchung kk?~~

alot of people are coming, so we must not embarrass ourselves in front of them.. try to practise at home coz time is really running short...

yifang :))