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Sunday, April 24, 2005 7:55 PM
hi... am back...
duno wat to write juz feel like typing something...

just 4 more (formal) dance practices then we will have our qing chun xuan lv...
and after that, we the sec4s are going to retire soon...

hmm.. though i look forward to xieren... but deep down inside, i really she bu de everyone...

i guess we have to let go sometimes....

kk.. dajia jia you for qing chun kk?

treasure our last few practices...

sorry if i sound so sad... hmm...

smilez ;))

wo ai da jia~~!!! *.* mUaCkS!!! :P

yifang :]
Monday, April 11, 2005 8:23 PM
You Guys Simply Rocks!!!
yo~!!!! I finally blogged! All e while it's been yifang managing this blog. *sorry*
hmz, she told me muz write longer so I'll definitely write longer!!

First of all, wanna thank all dancers for their hard work! You guys are simply great!! all our hard work for these dunno how many months have finally paid off!

and wanna thanks those hu came to support us.

Teachers Ms June Loh, Mr Yeo
Seniors Yixiu, Wanting, Szemin, Eanhong, Cheyrl, Guohao
Fellow CS mates XinYu, MinYu, HuangRui, huangHuan, Janice, Irene, LayHao, ZhengYang, YanYu, ShuHui, QianBing, XiaoHua

you guys totally rock! Thanks for all your support, words of encouragement, or even just simply being there for us when we need you. We really appreciate it! *touched*

u noe what, those hu came to support us said tt we were simply marvelous! lemme tell u what they say... I hear le veh touched.. Till I cried kk.. coz i feel tt our months of hard work has finally paid off!!

1. As u noe, e 2 schs before us weren't exactly tt great right.. hee~ so tt's considered lucky for us coz they make a stark contrast with our veh pro dance! wahahhaa~ then their actions all repeating, den kinda boring lorx... den our dance is veh majestic! esp our entrance coz we got like 51 ppl den it's like 51 ppl rushing out onto e stage. den e whole stage is filled with ppl.. Compared to e 2 other sch in front hu have only like 20+ ppl, we sorta capture everyone's attention with our big entrance =) got da impact u noe.. we sorta woke e judges up and 'rang ta men yan qian yi liang!' lol~

2. next is our choice of dance. wls got say tt there are a lot of tribal dances so ours stand out among them all. den we have a lot of actions tt really show off our techniques and ji ben gong! and our music lorx, got da climax, den it sorta wakes everyone up with e starting "tai yang chu lai lo..." haha~

3. It's no easy feat tt we still manage to be so synchronized when we have so many ppl. everybody's action is e same, same hand position, same actions... same everything! den of coz our expression!!! it's like everyone's smiling, smiling and smiling... really veh grand!!! like e sun is really rising!!! *blocks sunlihgt* wahaha~ compared to e other schs... haiz~ we are simply too good for words. lol~ and it's obvious tt other schs spend a lot of money on their costume and props. look at their fans, flowers, costumes, clogs, bells. now look at us. what do we have? nth, except for e cloths tt e guys are holding. Our costume hafta be e simplest among them all. But what we have is the real material, not some dance which tries to gain marks by costume etc.

4. Then when e girls are dancing with e guys, it's like... WOA~! it's e first time tt everybody went up juz like tt. and xinyu, minyu and huangrui say tt coz they noe where's our weakness (as they always come to our prac) so they will always feel very nervous for us, praying tt nth will go wrong when we are doing our actions tt we always flunk.

Acty I still got a lot more things to say.. but i forgot le..

Anyway, I just wanna thank all dancers for your hard work.. You all contributed to the Gold!

Dun be too sad that we didn't get Gold with Honours... But we will in SYF'07! (puts stress on e sec2. lol~)

It doesn't matter what award we got. what matters most is that we've already tried our best. dun feel guilty or whatsoever.. dun blame yourself.. coz when you noe tt you've tried your best, you've already got a Gold with Honours. I already know that you've tried your best! It's our best performance eva!

And dun forget Wang Lao Shi!
she's a really great teacher and she's really really really kind to all of us.. Despite her strictness and tough training, she really cares about us.. and she's a really great teacher to choreograph this whole dance.. esp one tt got a gold.. it muz be veh troublesome for her to look after 51 ppl, esp when we are always so disobedient.. so 3 cheers and 3 cheers and 3 cheers for wang Lao Shi!

Dance foreva!!

Sunday, April 10, 2005 9:30 PM
tmr.. our BIG day... :)
hey da jia...
i feel that dance is go united or rather the whole CHinese Society...

people... jia you wor.. we got so many ppl behind supporting us.... we shall not disappoint them... smilez...

*stupid tagboard dun let me tag... ;/"

sleep early tonight for our battle tomorow !! :)

yifang :))
Friday, April 08, 2005 8:53 PM
hey gurls...


so that you can do BETTER !!!



i noe ya can do it, so you've got to trust yourself.. don't think too much... coz it's our job to think ... all you need to do is to RELAX~~!! kk?

stress yourself don't help...the more you scare the more luan you will be... just tell yourself -- i have practised for so many times and i am going to get GWHs this time, yes, we CAN do it de!! :)

see how relaxing i am? rocking my chair while listening to the music... :)

love ya...

yifang :)
Saturday, April 02, 2005 8:40 PM
one more week, two more practices...

not the slimming ceter mind you.. it's the biaoqing that i'm talking about...
haiz.. how to improve on their biaoqing?? i guess you need to engross in the music to feel the spirit.. ... feel it.. dance with it... weave yourself with the melody... whhooo~~ am i making any sense?... hope so :))

hmm.. anyway.. sec3s... i'm glad to say that youall have been grown and matured in your thinkings.. and if one day, we the seniors really leave youall, i believe youall have the abilities to lead the rest, right? ;) must have CONFIDENCE in yourself and help each other.. :]

... why am i so perceptual suddenly???? ... hahaha.. sorry about that...

jia you wor!!