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Wednesday, March 16, 2005 9:21 PM
today... :)
yozziE~~!! :D
how's our dazu huo dong today? do ya enjoy it. i hope you do coz we had put in alot of effort in planning and making it different from our previous dazu huo dongz... :) but if you think that there's anything for us to change, feel free to bring 'em out.. kk? you are most welcome to do so!! :D

hmm...we have dance practice again tomorrow... and we have 8 more to go before we have the real one.
8 more.

in addition, wana inform those who are involve in dunhuang -- there will be a performance on 28th April for the STEP. time is around 6.30pm.venue - school hall. o.O"
please recall your actions.
lulaoshi commented that our last perform during the sec 3 assembly was not very zhengqi, so we must put up a better show this time, kk? to prove to her that we can do better!! some more MR SNG will be there loh... *hint hint* =[whee]= hahaha.. so jia you hor!! :)

ermx.. we had finish interviewing most of the Sec3s, left only a few. hmm.. personally, i feel that some were disappointing, some were surprising, some were so-so, some were extremely funny, some were expecting... etc. nonetheless, don't worry if you think you felt that you didn't do well, whatever was done was already done, so no point crying over the spilt milk, i'm sure you had put in your best in the interview, yar? ;)

kk.. shall stop my update here...


yifang :)
Saturday, March 12, 2005 5:07 PM
10 more practices...
hey peeps!!
thank you for being so hardworking... =[hugz]=
hmm.. we have 10 more practices to go... must jia you wor...
latest news: for the dialogue session, only teachers are allow to go, so we shall stay and wait for lu lao shi's call on tuesday.... =/
... ...
for this march holiday, da jia will be xin ku abit... must cheng zhu kk?

and for the mr sng part, i am not confirm yet, so don't spread first kk? ;)

thx for the taggings... :D

... ... have enough sleep kk?

Monday, March 07, 2005 9:31 PM
the real battle...
haiz gurls and guys!!
so our SYF date is confirmed -- 11th April!!!
OMG!! i'm beginning to feel nervous already~~~~~ hahah :p nvm, shall practise harder!!
da jia jia you wor!! :D

hmm.. if i'm not wrong, Mr Sng will be there to watch our performance during our competition to give us SUPPORT!! OMG~~!!! hey peeps! Mr Sng is my idol loh, so do me PROUd k~~?!!! ;p hahah.. YESH!!! ThaNKieW!!!
oh no... i'm so hyper suddenly.. o.O" hahah...

aniwae, march holiday coming le... then will be our combined sports meets and our final rehearsal.. then the the REAL BIG thing itself le~~~!! AH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!! :D [ cough cough ] hahahaha...

btw,we, the zz and fzzs will be attending a dialogue session with the judges held at Kallang Theatre on the next day of our SYF. the results of the central judging will be announced at the dailogue sessions too. so, if we got our goal, we will cry together on the spot, however, if we fail, then we shall wail!! [ *pray for GOLD WITH HONOURS!* ]

kk, nitez everyone.. have a good rest, i noe ya are tire today...
jia you, we still have one more month to fight for!!!

: smilez :

- yifang :)