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Sunday, September 19, 2004 5:36 PM
the music!! i've found it!! yiPeeEE!! =)
yozz!! click here for the Zhao1 Yang2 (tai4 yang2 chu1 lai2 xi3 yang2 yang) music!! =D you need to take sometime to download it... so happy listening!! =) and recall the dong4 zuo4 aso hor.. =)
= yi fang =
Sunday, September 12, 2004 6:10 PM
hehehex..sorry gurls (and maybe guys out there) it's been a long time since my last update..
aniwae..we had our teacher's day dance on the celebration and the foyer dance yesterday... thank you everyone for your effort!!
* clapz X 100 *
erm.. there won't be any more huo dong till after exam, but must remember to pratice at home hor... i'm really very very very worry that we might not have enough time to pratise till perfect... please fulfill my wish of getting a GOLD medal for SYF dance next year!!! thank you thank you!! :)
btw.. there won't be much updatez recently.. just ask youall... do youall wana a new layout? and the tag-board is not working again!!! erRR... think going change to shoutbox liao... sorry dorothy... but thankx for your effort!! *hugz*
erm.. anione wana update just feel free to update... for those who dunoe the password... get it from me!!! =)
and our Chinese Society's blog is HERE!!! go visit there kk?!! :)
and do you all like the dazu games or not? we put in ALOT of efforts to make it different from the past... hope youall enjoyed yourselves!!!
kk.. time to go...cya!!
oh!! btw.. i might upload the "tai4 yang2 chu1 lai2 xi3 yang2 yang" music here and try to list down the steps do drop by and say hi!! *griinz*
yi fang =)