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Sunday, August 22, 2004 6:14 PM
a dance concert... interested?
our senior WANHUI's dance group is holding a performance on sun 12th sept, entirely chinese dance, at ucc theatre in nus... ticket is 13 bucks... the afternoon concert is @ 2.30pm, evening one is at 8pm... anyone interested please tell me.. k? =)
yifang =)
Friday, August 20, 2004 8:58 PM
hah.. updating.. finally... =P
yoz... sorry for not updating regulary.. =P ahaha..
actually you all can aso updte mah.. i just pass you the user id and password then you can put up whatever you want... =)
kk.. aniwae, tomorrow's practice is cancelled due to our Level Camp... so take a good rest and see ya next week!!!
please don't forget the steps and positions that Wang LS had arranged..
yifang =)
Sunday, August 01, 2004 3:57 PM
WE are on T.V.!!!!! =)
YupX!! we were on T.V. but sad to say, i didn't watch that part... *sobz*.. aniway, great job everyone!! =)
and i think there will be no dance practice on next Sat coz it's National day EVE... =P and i think we'll have a practice of Tr's day dance on Friday afternoon.. see how first lah.. coz we don't have much time left... and Mr Kiw wana to see the dance someday and we had just switched our music from english version to chinese, so there's still some rooms for improvemen and amendment....
hmm.. tagboard sever is down, so can't read wat ya had typed, will come back later to read it, kk? ^.~ aniwae, forget to tell the rest about our dance blog, must remind me to tell them kk? =]
aniwae, must remember to do your jibengong at home AGain.. if not you will SUFFER~~~~ =P
yupx! and jan. i realised your favourite line is "the game that we are going to play next is very very FUN~~!!" hahah, can read your mind already... whee--- ! kk, cya~~!!
= huggzz =
yi fang =)