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Friday, July 23, 2004 9:09 PM
it's flag day!!
huloooooooooo--- !!! it's me again!!!!
tmr is flag day!! Sec ones don't have right? hmmm... so better stay at home to practise hor... there will be dance next week wor... hehhe probably 7.30am.. yup, erm better check with the board lah... =P
erm, for those going for flag day tmr, pls meet at Raffles MRT station @ 8am... kk?
erm.. nothing much to update actually... but how come so few people come here one har? maybe because i didn't tell many people about our dance blog... nvm, shall announce to every dancers next saturday after our dance.. hehehhe =) if really nobody.. then have to say sayonara to this blog liao.. haiz...
kk, good nitez and must remember to practise your jibenggong at home hor...
= hugz =
yi fang =)
Friday, July 09, 2004 9:39 PM
juz updates
ElOoOo==-----!!! we will have 2 performance this coming week...i am so nervous and worried... one is on tuesday (the indian peacock dance) and on friday (we invited to Temaske for the Racial Harmony Day celebration in their school. we will have Dun Huang and Chopstick dance that day...). as we have 2 dances together, think we will be crazy over the changing of costumes... erm, think i need at least a helper on Friday..Sec1s, who is willing to sacrifice of missing their lessons to accompany us to the Temaske? ... ...
Oh yar! sorry if i shouted to fiercely at any of you today, coz i was too worried about our dance... sorry, not meant to hurt any of you... =)
yar, so people. jia you for our dance kk?
hope everything turns out alright...
and if you are not sure of the timing of dance, you can either call me or look at our CS board for details, think i won't have enough time to update asap, so better ask me or check the board, kk?
.:: hugz and smilez ::.
-= yi fang=-
Saturday, July 03, 2004 1:27 PM
dance dates...

erm... elo--- everyone.... =)
there will be dance for those who only involve in the indian peacock dance... calling out to sec 1s!! do you all wana help us on 13th July, Tue? coz we are performing the indian dance for the china people... not lotus dance... the time is around evening, 6++pm like that... if you all wana to help us, pls tell me kk? *winks* thx!!
and there will be dance on 10th july, 8am, at hall... jia you ba!! =) got quite alot of things to tell youall on that day... hehehhe.. ohyar, remember to practise your jibengong at home hor!! ;)

= hugz =